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About Lynotherapy

LYNO EXPLORES a movement vocabulary allowing a deeply insightful tour of the body and its physical expression. In precise and scientific examination, the poetry of body patterning is observed, honoured and brought into balance. LYNO CREATES a heightened awareness of the body and unlocks the secrets of its contractions and expansions bringing optimal and full function. LYNO RESTORES correct movement patterns.

What is Lynotherapy?

Lynotherapy is a method whereby the mobility of the fascia is assessed and released in order to restore natural movement patterns to the body. It is a great way of preventing sports related and overcompensation injuries by making sure that all your muscles are balanced and working together.

Possible symptoms and causes



Inactivity and lack of movement causes hyaluronic acid to densify and to lock up the fasica in the area.

daily habits and routines

Almost everything we do can be seen as an imbalanced or one-side-favored habit.

Overuse and over training

A runner who either over trains or does too much too soon, ends up shorting some muscles while lengthening the opposite muscles.

One-sided sports

Track running, water skiing, skateboarding, etc, cause very specific locked movement patterns in the body all favoring one side.

Direct trauma or surgery

When we avoid a specific area we compensate for the pain, we create a new movement pattern leading to densification of hyaluronic acid and dysfunction.

How Lynotherapy can help me?


Become aware

Become aware of how your body moves and why you’re experiencing muscle pain.

Deal with pain

Deal with pain so that your movement will no longer be limited.

Daily tasks without pain

You will be able to do your daily tasks without pain or restrictions.

Get back into shape

Get back your normal movement. Get back into shape and take part in sporting activities.

Unlock movement restrictions

Unlock your movement restrictions and assist you in better performances in your sport.

Treatments are Claimable Under Private Health Insurance



Stephen Mc Neilly

“I would highly recomment Lyno Therapy, within a few treatments I have relief from an ongoing back issue I’ve had for a number of years”

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