Starting the last week in October, Perth hosted the World Masters Athletics Competition. What a fantastic event with some incredible performances by some amazing people across the globe.

What made it a particularly special event for myself, was not only that I took part in the marathon but that I was able to assist an UK athlete on her arrival.

She arrived in Perth a few days before her 100m sprints but in no condition at all to sprint. She had pulled up in one of her training sessions with a hammy and subsequently rested since. Having “tested” the injury from time to time she came to see me somewhat concerned that she’d have come all this way and not be able to finish 100 meters. The fact that a UK athlete was able to make contact with me was quite remarkable, but she had been given my number via a daisy chain of fellow Lynotherapists.

We managed to get in a couple of sessions before her 100m heats with her body responding to the LYNO treatment almost immediately. Goal #1 – get through the 100m heat without any damage – successful. She successfully completed her 100m heat and in a time that would see her progress to the finals. At this point I was confident that she would have no issues during the finals. The next goal was to get her hamstring to a point where she could hammer the bend in the 200m races without any issue.

We continued with LYNO treatments between heats and finals and eventually with the 200m races looming we met down at the warm up track to give the hammy a little test run on the bend. It passed with flying colors, slowly but surely she was able to unleash into the bend with confidence and took to the starting line for the 200m heats. She smashed the heats and progressed to the final where she was able to run a fantastic race, missing out on a medal by the smallest of margins and finishing 4th.

After the race she posted the following comment, “Happy to have been actually able to run thanks to Ray Orchison (Lyno therapist) and Louise Carmi (Havening). When I arrived in Perth I couldn’t jog without hamstring problems.”

The body really does respond in amazing ways to LYNO.

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