For a little over a couple of weeks now, I’ve been hearing a sort of “tapping” sound coming from the front of my car. She is a 2005 model so one would expect a few niggles, aches and pains and rattle or two. It also turns out that I’ve overshot the service by a few kay’s, ok ok, 4000 kay’s to be exact 😀.

Anyway, with Christmas and New Year a thing of the past and with 2018 back into full swing I eventually got my mechanic out to come and do a standard service. Of course, I mention to him that I’ve noticed a bit of a “tapping” sound. He turns on the vehicle, listens to the sounds and informs me that it sounds like it’s coming from the “thingamajig” (I have no idea what he was talking about 🤣). He gives me a couple of ideas as to why it could be making the noise but says he’ll have a look.

A little while later he calls me out to the vehicle, “I’ve found the cause of your tapping sound”, he says very excited. This could be good or bad news….in my experience, when it comes to vehicles, finding the problem means dishing out the $$’s. “There’s no oil in the engine!!”, he says.

He completes the service, which includes an oil change (not that there was anything left to change) and cranks up the engine…..not so much as a hint of a “tapping” sound. Amazing!

This little episode reminded me so much of the purpose of Lyno therapy. We’re always so focused on our symptoms, a strained calf, tight shoulder, continuous headache, etc, etc, that we really never pay attention to or look for the cause of the problem. Lyno therapy does exactly that, it’s the reason I love it so much.

The mechanic could’ve spent hours on the “thingamajig”, he could’ve tightened them, replaced them, done everything possible to them, but the noise would’ve simply come back. Instead, he found the cause and addressed that, topped up the oil, initially the two seemed completely unrelated.

Getting to the cause of the problem is not always a simple as topping up the oil, but, given a little time and pushing through a few treatments (some issues take 1 or 2 treatments, others can take a whole lot more), Lyno therapy gets to the bottom of the problem and with the correct guidance the symptom never shows it’s face again.

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