What should I expect?


Every Lynotherapy treatment consists of a full assessment and then release of the fascia which is showing up as locked in the assessment.

What to wear?

The initial Lynotherapy treatment takes between 80-90mins and includes:

  • A movement history intake
  • Explanation of the Lynotherapy method & how it can help you
  • Full Range-of-Motion assessment consisting of over 60 functional and mobility tests
  • Hands on myofascial release treatment based on the findings from the assessments

How long does it last?

A Lynotherapy session lasts for one hour and it is recommended that initially you try and aim for four sessions relatively close together so that we can release the top patterns quite quickly and get to the deeper more stubborn patterns.

    After session

    Immediately following a treatment you may find that you have a few red lines in the areas released. This is as a result of the accumulation of toxins and waste products in the areas being released. These red lines generally disappear within a few hours with a few light markings disappearing completely within a day or two.

    Clients are advised to drink lots of water following a treatment in order to assist the body in flushing the toxins.

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