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The Lyno Method

The Lyno Method is a non-therapeutic body of knowledge providing a system to identify movement patterns, to restore optimum mobility and support a balanced, flexible and fully functional body.

What is LYNO?

Lynotherapy is a method whereby the mobility of the fascia is assessed and released in order to restore natural movement patterns to the body. LYNO will help you better understand how the muscles in your body work and treatments will improve your movement, balance, flexibility and help alleviate pain. LYNO is a great way of preventing sports related and overcompensation injuries by making sure that all your muscles are balanced and working together.


The BUNKIE Test shows which myofascial tracks are dysfunctional.

The BUNKIE Test is an important element of the LYNO assessment and is used to test the following fascial lines:

Posterior Power line
Posterior Stabilizing Line
Anterior Line
Lateral Line
Medial Line


The aim of the Camber test is to determine if the calf can contract through full range of dorsiflexion and plantar-flexion in the neutral ankle position as well as in pronation and supination. The ability to perform this test not only relies on full calf muscle function, but also on neutral function of all the other body slings.

The moment one body sling becomes locked and dysfunctional, the rest of the body is forced to function in a compensation pattern, which will affect the function of the ankle and the muscles in the lower leg.

While performing the test it shows clearly when compensation patterns are present. The most common compensation pattern is hip hitching through contraction of the opposite Quadratus Lumborum. Many of our clients claim that they can perform double leg calf raises in the gym with weights on their shoulders, but once we test the individual movements, it might show clearly that the one leg can perform a neutral movement, while the other leg does it in a compensation pattern.


By performing this exercise in a gym in the presence of dysfunctional patterns, the athlete not only puts strain on their joints and ligaments but also strengthens bad habits, which may lead to reduced efficiency. Once the compensation pattern is released, the Camber Test shows neutral and efficient movement.

The Analysis

The FROM Test, which consists of 65 different tests, forms the base of the movement analysis.

Discrepancies on The FROM Test gives information on compensation patterns, the cause of imbalance and muscle dysfunction.

The results of The FROM Test provides the information needed to determine if the body is locked in dysfunctional compensation patterns. The practitioner will work out a strategy to eliminate layers of compensation patterns until the body is aligned and balanced.

The Bunkie and Camber Tests give a clear indication of function of the linear lines and is used to determine if the body is responding to the fascia releases.

By adding together all the results of the FROM Test, the Bunkie test and the Camber Test , the LYNO practitioner is able to work out exactly in which compensation patterns the client moves. These patterns could include a combination of linear, diagonal, spiral and ipsilateral movements of the whole body.

The Anterior Line – bending the body forward
The Posterior Line – bending the body backwards
The Lateral Line – bending the body to the side
The Medial Line – keeping the legs and the core of the body together
The Spiral Line – responsible for all rotations
The Diagonal Lines – responsible for diagonal movements
The Ipsilateral Line – responsible for balancing the body while one leg is behind the other i.e. on a snowboard
The Arm Lines – responsible for arm movements

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